Wayne and Hattie have had the privilege of serving together in the ministry for over 40 years. Wayne served in the Chapliancy for 2 1/2 years, 10 1/2 years as a Missionary-Pastor of two churches, 28 years as an Evangelist/Revivalist (having conducted over 1400 special series of meetings and many Sunday & Wednesday meetings). Brother and Sister Nelson have been members of Calvary Baptist Church for the past 28 years and supported by Calvary Baptist Church of Lakeland, FL., where Pastor Shane Skelton is the current pastor.

Wayne has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral and a minor in Evangelism, Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies, and completed his doctorate which has helped in the field of an Evangelist, Revivalist. Missionary and in the planting and developing churches.

Their ministry includes Revivals, Evangelistic, Bible Conferences, Missions and Faith Promise Conferences, Camps,  Family Vacation Bible schools, training in Personal Soul-winning, Family Life Seminars, Children Churches ministries and Special Music. They also provide unique children's and Youth Rally's with ventriloquism, puppetry (includes training others to start and develop puppet ministries), sermons in chemistry, metal and wood objects. They also have a very effective power point presentation. Traveling in a 36' motor home has allowed them the liberty to minister in all situations.

They have had the privilege of serving in Alaska four times, helping in over 80 ministries, and traveling overseas twenty six times (providing over 220 special series of meetings) helping local church Pastors and Missionaries.

Now God has opened the door (overseas and USA) to provide Biblical messages through FaceTime and other internet programs. Seeking to help Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Church Planters and other interested in salvation and growing in the Grace of God. All of these message are free. If your are interested in receiving these messages please contact us on Facebook or send an email.