The Call of an Evangelist

"The Call of an Evangelist"
Ephesians 4:11-12, "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ."
The call of an Evangelist is a specific and unique God-given calling. While ALL believers are "called" and instructed to evangelize, this Scripture in context indicates that the role or "office" of an evangelist is a special spirit-led calling and gift to the church. There is a difference between doing the "work of an evangelist" (as Paul instructed Timothy) and the specific calling of God to be an Evangelist. While pastors ought to strive for the "heart of an evangelist," and evangelists need to understand and exhibit a "pastor's heart" in order to effectively edify the body of Christ, these are presented as two separate callings or gifts to the church.
Personally, I think part of the decline of churches in America today is a result of not understanding that there is a difference. The Pastor and the Evangelist serve together for a common purpose, but the gifts God grants to each in order to fulfill their individual calling are unique in many ways. I know a lot of evangelists who would likely not survive very long in the pastorate, and by the same token a lot of pastors probably would not make it very long in the ministry of a full-time evangelist. That's not to say that God cannot or will not change the nature of our calling (as He even did in my own life and ministry), but if He does it will be by a very clear calling and direction by the Spirit of God. It should never be based upon circumstances alone. I think sometimes when we get weary in the ministry, we begin to look for "greener pastures" and we say, "Boy, wouldn't THAT be exciting to do." My dad used to often say, "When you see the green grass on the other side of the fence, just
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Echo Chamber or Ministry Partnership?

An echo chamber is a lousy place to serve. 

Isolating ourselves to hear only an echo of our own opinions keeps us from growth. This is because part of the process of growth is for our thinking to be challenged. When we discuss truth or ideas with people with whom we don’t agree, we better learn where others are coming from and are able to either change in areas we need to grow or sharpen our understanding and articulation of what we already believe. 

As important as it is to have our thoughts challenged is, however, there is still tremendous value to the partnerships with people with whom we do already agree. And this is where the echo chamber warning and analogy breaks down. 

A partnership is not the same as an echo chamber. 

For instance, marriage is to be a partnership. Healthy marriages are based on shared love and support, not disagreement. This is one reason that 2 Corinthians 6:14 warns, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”

Ministry partnerships, too, are usually stronger the more both parties share the same beliefs and ministry philosophy. Although it is healthy to have ministry relationships where everyone is free to share new ideas and hash out possibilities, the reality is that you’re going to be most productive in a shared partnership with people you already agree with. 

This is similar to the rhetorical question God posed to the nation of Israel, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3).

There are those who suggest that one should so insulate himself in ministry that he hears only his own opinions. This becomes an echo chamber and is a generally ineffective way to serve the Lord. 

But then there are those who go to the opposite extreme and suggest that one should so open himself to every opinion that he hears little of what he already agrees with. This actually has the tendency also to make a person an echo of differing philosophies…just not the philosophies

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After fourty two years of ministry and the last twenty nine as an Evangelist/Revivalist, God has revealed an important truth that will build families and Churches.
Many Pastors and Church families today are seeing the value of having four or five special extended meetings per year. In each outreach (Evangelism, Revivals, Stewardship, Faith Promise Mission Conference, Family VBS, Fun Day before Sunday and more). God moves and touches hearts of the lost for salvation and challenges the believers to personal commitments in their faith. 
Everytime a choice is made to surrender to the Lord's will, He will continue to remind the saint of their decision made before. Remember, God will not leave you alone about yielding to Him!
Once these commitments have been made to the Master; He uses these times to fulfill His will and build His church and Kingdom. Many Scriptures proves this truth and are available upon request.
Once there are many promises made to God, then the church family starts growing in the Grace of God. Which then results in true worship, edification, soul winning, devotions and more giving an increase in attendance in the local church.
Now let's pray so our Ministries will be super charged by His power to fulfill His Goals of reaching the lost and encouraging the saints all for His praise and honor!
We as leaders, must be very careful not to allow the believers of God to practice apathy in their personal lives, families and in the local church.
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Teaching on Revival

Teaching on Revival by Dr. Mark Fishburn, President of COME
Revival" is often used as an adjective (Revival Meetings, Revival Ministry, Revival message, etc). These may be used to describe the purpose for a meeting or ministry, but as we said last time, revival is more than a week of meetings. Meetings and messages in and of themselves don't bring revival. The Holy Spirit can use them to convict and prepare hearts for revival, but revival can only come if people (including the preacher) humble themselves and fully submit to Him. Revival is for believers. It is not simply seeing people walk the aisle and get saved. Though that certainly can be, and will be, the result of true revival. But true revival is much more than that.
Revival is about God's people getting right with God so that God can use us as we walk in obedience to Him. It brings renewed joy, a renewed desire and passion to serve the Lord, and a fresh vision for the lost. Revival is thwarted when we "quench the Spirit" in our lives. God "sends" it, but He uses holy, usable, willing vessels to receive it and carry it out. And as He did in the early church, the Holy Spirit will enable, empower and embolden those vessels. Technically, revival does not come to "a church" or a city or a nation. It comes to individuals within a church, city, or nation, and it spreads as more and more people come under the influence and conviction of the Spirit of God.
Finally, let me just say that revival is not a once a year, or even once a week, event. If it is going to be genuine and effectual, personal revival must occur on a daily basis!  "Though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day." -- 2 Corinthians 4:16.
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5 Reasons People Aren't Inviting Their Friends To Your Church

5 Reasons People Aren’t Inviting Their Friends to Your Church

Did you know that on average 15% of your congregation will no longer be attending your church next year? This happens for a variety of reasons. Some people move away, some people switch churches, and some people just stop going to church altogether. So, if you’re not finding a way to replace these people, your church will be declining in attendance every year. This is a scary thought for most churches, and most of us have experienced this.

So, what do you do when people are leaving your church?

There are really only two options.

  1. You try to get them to stay.
  2. You try to get new people in.

Here’s the thing, no matter how hard you try to get people to stay, there’s always going to be a certain percentage that leave every year. There’s not much you can do about it. Sure, you can concentrate on getting them better connected and those types of things, but even then some people are going to leave.

So, your best bet is to try to get new people in. Even in small towns like mine, there are still hundreds of people who have never visited our church. Plus, there are new people moving into the community every year. We just have to get them to show up.

The best way to do that is through personal invites. Your church people inviting their friends, family, coworkers, the lady at the bank, the guy at the supermarket, etc. This is how it should be happening.

If it’s not, there may be a few reasons why.

  1. Your church is awkward. Church is a place where weird things tend to happen, and not all of them are from God. My church has certainly been guilty of this from time to time. One time we hired a church consultant to come in, and it just so happened that on that Sunday a guy got really “happy” and decided it would be appropriate to do some kind of weird dance all around the sanctuary during worship. The
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"Missing Link"

The Missing Link
As we continue to minister and work to see souls saved and saints revived, it is important that we put first things first. What is the MOST important priority in our ministry?  Is it having a program that "works" and brings excitement to people? Is it polishing our messages or striving to improve our preaching "dynamics"? All of these things have importance and certainly should not be overlooked, but are they the most important things to seeing God work? 
When I think about our need in America for revival, I can't help but reflect on some of the great revivals of old. No doubt some of you have studied them far deeper than I. But one thing we find is those revivals did not start with a polished program. The didn't even start in the pulpit. They started in the prayer meeting. When God's people got serious with God and got on their knees in fervent prayer, God began to move. And we are not talking about those generalized and often used "token" prayers asking God to "bless our meeting" or "help us reach the lost." Their prayers were fervent, passionate, direct, and were accompanied by godly sorrow and personal repentance.
When my wife and I were traveling in evangelism, I would often remind the pastors and churches we ministered to that the evangelist doesn't bring revival, no matter how talented or polished he may be. It begins with God's people on their knees in fervent prayer, getting their hearts prepared for whatever God wanted to do in them and with them. 
I think this is an important reminder for our churches and for US. We talk a lot about the importance of prayer and seeking God's face, but is it really the most important to us? Remember the account of Mary and Martha...we can work and work and work to accomplish good things to please the Lord but let's not forget the most important part of spending time at the feet of Jesus. Martha didn't do anything wrong in her desire to
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What is Success in the Ministry?

What is success in ministry? In the last E-memo, I mentioned that Webster's Dictionary defines "ministry" as "the office, duties or functions of a subordinate agent."  To be in the Lord's ministry means that we are "subordinate agents" of our Lord Jesus Christ.
So what is necessary to have a successful ministry?  Is it having a full calendar of meetings, attracting large crowds and recording lots of decisions?  Those things would be blessings for sure, but are they how we determine success in ministry?  Biblically, I think success boils down to one word -- faithfulness.  If you look at any Bible prophet or preacher (Noah stands out in my mind), I think you will find that God honored their faithfulness to His calling in their lives.  It wasn't about how many responded to their message or ministry, but about their faithfulness in actively and persistently pursuing what God had instructed and called them to do.  We labor, and plant, and water, and let God take care of the end result (1 Corinthians 3:6-8).
So, if we are actively and persistently engaged in pursuing God's calling in our life and ministry, we can be assured of success...the type of success that matters.  And God will use us and bless us according to His good pleasure!
Written by:
Dr. Mark Fishburn, President
COME International Baptist Ministries
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The Lord allowed the opportunity to have a number of good Pastors, Missionaries,  Evangelists, teachers and laymen in my life in which I'm very grateful. Three of the Pastors, who have built a number of solid Bible believing Baptist churches and ministries would continually express and practice the value of having special week long meetings. These special outreaches would change them personally, along with their family and church families. One Pastor stated, "Once the Lord helps me then I can be a blessing and help others! But I must having HIS touch first in my life before seeing God change others!" 

The night after night moving of the Holy Spirit is the key to developing healthy Christians and giving the forward progress in the local church. Here's an illustration that helps us to understand the heart of mankind: "The hearts of mankind get very hard and indifferent to doing the will of God! Please notice the comparison-You hit a rock two or three times there will be small cracks but if you hit the rock seven or eight times the rock will burst into many pieces. Likewise, is the heart of the backsliden Christian (same comparison to those outside of the free salvation of Christ)!" Many churches today need a good old fashion Revival which is only possible by the preaching and teaching moment after moment each night! Only the Lord can change the indifferent backsliden follower of Christ!
Every Pastor, deacon, and church family needs to schedule five major week long events every year (I know that sounds like a lot but that is the answer to fulfilling the Master's will in growing the believer). Keeping in mind, the Evangelist/Revivalist/Bible Teacher must be one who is Spirit filled, seeking to walk by faith in all areas of his life and his families ministry. Seeking to be a tool in the Hands of a mighty God is the key!
Please prayerfully consider the following outreaches: Revival meetings, Evangelistic crusades, Faith Promise-Mission Conferences, Stewardship Conferences, and Family-Vacation Bible Schools. This will give the Holy Spirit the opportunity through
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Five Practical Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Five Practical Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Most Christians know that God has called them to be witnesses for Him and to share the gospel with others. But sometimes—perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of preoccupation—we miss opportunities to do so. 

Below are five practical tips that point us to dependence on the Lord and preparedness in sharing our faith. 

  1. Carry gospel tracts with you.

The best thing about having gospel tracts with you is that you are always prepared when the Holy Spirit nudges you to witness to someone. Also tracts are a useful tool whether your opportunity to witness is short or long. You can easily hand one to a cashier, for instance, in a ten-second window, or you can use one to start up a longer conversation. Because of how versatile and helpful tracts are, I always try to keep them with me—in my pocket and in my car. 

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and empower you.

If it were up to us to convince people of their need for Christ and the truths of the gospel, we would, at best, be religious salespeople. But it’s not up to us. It is the Holy Spirit who guides us, fills us, and helps us. And it is the Holy Spirit who convicts hearers of their sin and their need to place their faith in Christ.

Remembering God’s promises to be with us (Matthew 28:20) and to empower us (Acts 1:8) helps take the fear out of witnessing. And beginning each day asking the Lord to lead us to opportunities to witness helps to make us alert to His leading throughout the day.

  1. Build intentional relationships with people.

Sometimes we forget that the people with whom we interact throughout a given day are real people with real souls. They aren’t just “a guy at work.” They have hopes, fears, needs…and all of these can be—and only can be—satisfied through Jesus. So instead of just brushing past people, build relationships with them. 

  1. Look for ways to turn a conversation toward spiritual things.

When you are sharing the gospel door-to-door, it’s pretty easy to bring up the

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Evangelist Wayne and Hattie Nelson Will Travel

Evangelist Wayne and Hattie Nelson Will Travel

                Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share the Word of God for the last forty years in the USA and overseas. Our Saviour has given the joy of being in the Chaplaincy for almost three years, planting two churches in central Florida for over ten years and twenty nine years proclaiming the truth as an Evangelist, Revivalist and Teacher. We would like to thank the many Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries and faithful Christians for the blessing they have been in our lives and the privilege of helping in their ministries.

                God has allowed us to be used to conduct over 1,400 extended series of meetings in the USA and over 220 meetings on the foreign field. Each of those special occasions did reach out in one of the following: Revival-Evangelistic meetings, Bible & Stewardship Conferences, Family Life Encouragement, Family Vacation Bible Schools, Faith Promise Missions Conferences, Youth Rallies, Camps, Soul Winning Seminars and Special Music. The Lord has blessed in so many wonderful ways over the years with many asking for salvation and numerous saints growing in the Grace of God.

                Over the years the Master has used various tools to fulfill His will. Most of the events along with preaching, teaching and special music will include: Sermons in Chemistry, Objects Lessons, Puppetry, Ventriloquism, unique Power Point Presentations (that give clarity to salvation and growth in the believer’s lives) and Soul Winning Training. Every one of these ministries has been by faith. Truly, the King has been faithful in providing and touching hearts.

                Lastly, please feel free to contact Evangelist Wayne and Hattie Nelson by: Cell 863-529-5433, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please review our website: The website gives many Sermons, references, pictures, You Tube presentations and much more. Praise the Lord for the privilege of serving the Creator.   



In the last few weeks God has used His Word through FACE TIME (live face book video) to seven locations in India in which messages (along with much counseling) were delivered (one service twelve trusted Christ, another

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Young Preacher

A young preacher complained to Spurgeon that he only had fifty members in his church. Spurgeon replied, “That’s fifty more than you’ll want to give account of at judgment!

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