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    We want to praise the Lord for the great report we received from the Doctor. Hattie is now cancer free (she is required to take a preventative pill once a day for next ten years)! Thanks again for your many prayers, cards, emails, texts, encouragement on Facebook and much more. God has truly touched!

    Without a doubt, it has been a blessing to share the truth and experiences with so many cancer patients who are experiencing this terrible disease. Please ask God to open doors to those who are experiencing this dilemma in their lives! The only answer is salvation, healing and growth in the finished works of Christ.



One of the joys of a Missionary Evangelist/Revivalist is helping churches who are seeking a Pastor. Just recently, God has given us the privilege and honor to encourage church families in this way and manner.  Please pray that God will send Pastors to four churches that need a Shepherd!



Church families have greatly benefited by special meetings during the years. Here are some of the reasons God has called the Evangelist/Revivalist/Bible teacher to help stir and motive the hearts of the believers’ in the local church:

  1. Gives an increase of prayer. 2. Gives an increase of invitations to the lost (many are saved during special meetings) and saved in the community. 3. Gives an increase of the Holy Spirit bringing believers’ to repentance. 4. Gives an increase of personal decisions. 5. Gives an increase of the usage of spiritual gifts in the home, church and community. 6. Gives an increase of giving in the local church through: personal testimonies, better faithful attendance, memorizing of Scriptures, meditation on the Word, believers’ tithing and missions (faith promises missions) and much more.  Yes, the church who allows the stirring of the Word always see great forward progress in their ministries.



Praise the Lord for the opportunity to help over fifty churches during 2018, send over eight hundred messages overseas and in the USA by FaceTime & You Tube. God has allowed the privilege of giving out many objection lessons, passing out many tracts, counseling the lost, encouraging a multitude of believers, training soul winners, teaching classes on children’s church and much more . Some Churches are new ministries and others are churches that are experiencing various stages in their growth. Regardless of the setting, the need for God’s Hand to reach the lost and encourage the saints is a must. Thank you for your help in fulfilling Worldwide Missions!PLEASE PRAY FOR HIS TOUCH ON HEARTS!



                One of the best ways to increase the blessings in our lives, our church ministries, Worldwide Missions and more is to Experience Supernatural Grace. This is available through: (1) Learning to do God’s will regardless of circumstances, (2) Learning to do God’s will supernaturally, (3) Learning to do God’s will like the Master, (4) Learning to do God’s determined wishes from a yielded heart.

                The above outline was used in a Mission Conference challenging the church families to experience Supernatural Grace or Power. YES, THE VALUE OF NIGHT AFTER NIGHT PREACHING AND TEACHING IS THE ANSWER TO HARD HEARTS BECOMING SOFT AND USABALE IN THE HANDS OF GOD!



God gave a clear bill of health after Hattie’s cancer; therefore the surgery to replace left knee is now compete. The procedure was very successful & recovery is going well! Please Pray much!

God gave a new ventriloquist friend for the ministry. His name is “JR”! He has been very well received by each family. His ministry is to seek to reach the lost and encourage the saints.

God gave twenty nine visitors during Revival services. The families have desired to rebuild the ministry for the Glory of God! Praise the Lord!

God gave some very special blessing during a Revival in Clewiston, FL. The Lord gave 4 asking to understand salvation, 1 trusting Christ for salvation, 13 believers asking for special prayer and 12 coming forward making decisions. Praise Him!  

God gave provisions so we can be used as a tool in His Hand. Some churches hold back from allowing the stirring of the Word through Special Meetings. Praise the Lord for those helping us so we can assistance regardless of financial provisions, needed accommodations, size of the congregation and more. Thank you for His support, concern and prayers.     

God gave us the joy to conduct a Revival in Lakeland, FL. The Master gave 1 asking to understand salvation and 10 decisions by believers. Restoration of the heart is the answer to developing a church!



  1. For HIS wisdom, insights and power on the messages.
  2. For souls to be saved and growing in the grace of God.
  3. For His touch in our physical needs for the ministry.
  4. For many hurting Pastors, their families and church families.
  5. For God’s direction for special meetings in USA &

    Overseas. Over eight hundred messages have been sent 

    Overseas and in the USA in last nine months by Facetime.

  1. For an effective track ministry. God has given us a burden to

    give out tracks as we go: shopping, gas stations, Doctor

    offices, repair centers, favorite  restaurants and many more

    places. Everyone in these locations need the Lord!

  1. For HIS schedule in 2019-20. Please ask God to fill HIS

    schedule during this coming year.  

  1. For the replacement of four (heavy duty 22.5) tires for the

    Motor Home (God has provided 8 units with 12 to go [based

    on $100 per unit].  Please pray much!

  1. For His Motor Home, Car, Equipment & Computers to work

    properly, effectively and efficiently. This is a BIG challenge!


NEW VENTRILOQUIST FRIEND-Danny is now updated. New unit was purchased under wholesale and is $50 per part. Now have 3 parts and 8 to go. THANKS FOR PRAYING!