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Dear Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries and Faithful Servants:


Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ.


You're probably like most Christians at this present moment; where do we go now? Each day has been filled with uncertainties in so many ways. Believer's are being challenged about their faith-Politically, Financially, Emotionally, Mentality, Socially, Spiritually and more. So, what steps should we take during these turbulent times?


Here's a little update on the opportunities in front of us. Still by faith we are continuing to step out believing God will provide all needs and even give many of our wants and desires. His calling has not changed, His provisions are still available, His power is continually being revealed, and His presence is still felt in our lives. Jesus Christ has given a desire in our lives to reach the lost and encourage the saints. Praise the Lord for His encouragement to keep moving on for His Glory! Please allow us to share some of ways our Lord has been touching.


First, during April, we were seeking to reach the lost and encourage the saints in West Kenya, Africa. Because of the China Virus this was tabled! As you know, the Airlines were shut down, countries were not allowing anyone to arrive and some who arrived were quarantined for many days. No doubt, this was putting a damper to the ministry of an itinerant outreach!


Now after the direction of our Redeemer, Lord willing, this will be fulfilled during Nov 26-Dec 11, 2020. Please ask the Lord to provide the needs for this outreach. He is showing that walking by faith is the only answer! Your prayers are greatly appreciated for His power to reach the lost and encourage the saints in Africa.


Second, during the six month time of the C-19 (we thought the ministry would be shut down), God opened the door for us to fulfill a special need in a church who needed an Interim Pastor. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to help Shepherd Road Baptist Church, in Mulberry, FL. This is a small church (very limited) who has been seeking a pastor. During this time, God has used the door to door outreach in a special way (3 have been saved & 3 new families have been coming). God always has a way to fulfill His will, as His people walk by faith seeking to please Him. Please pray for the right Pastor for this ministry.


Third, Lord willing, we will be back on the road for seven or eight meetings in IN, OH, WV & TN. The first meeting will be a Faith Promise Mission Conference on Sept 19-23. So far, the fall schedule is looking good. All of these are small struggling churches (the C-19 has caused big problems... very lean). Again sometimes things from our point of view seems to be at a standstill but that's not the case with our Master! Therefore, we decided to just trust God by faith to help these in need.


Fourth, Hattie's received 

seventeen Radiation Cancer treatments on the rightside of her nose (now looking great...Dr checkup very soon). Again from our eyes, some would say what's next? Praise the Saviour who has a special plan for us to reach those without salvation.Through this second bout of cancer (Hattie had breast two years cancer free in that area) we want to praise our Lord for the many opportunities to share about salvation to the patients, Doctors, Nurses and be an encouragement to the saints. Thanks again for your prayers, your support and your ministry.


Living by faith is the only way to please our Saviour.


In Christ,


Evangelist/Revivalist Wayne and Hattie Nelson 


PS Please ask the Lord to use us to fulfill the needs in West Kenya, Africa. Ask the Lord to provide the housing and meals. Airplane Tickets are paid for! God is always so good always!